10 days of change for a new you

Beauty comes from within. This beautifully-illustrated eBook will guide you through a 10-day gallbladder and liver cleansing programme designed to amplify your body’s energy and allow you to achieve more in your life.

You’ll get a practical schedule to fit it with your life, simple recipes that won’t take long to make, as well as a valuable look at the fundamentals of good living.


Start your journey today

There’s ​always a good reason to start something good next week. But you already know there’s no reason to wait.

Start today and in less than 2 weeks you’ll have already completed the most important step a person can make: the decision to act and change their lives for the better. You will see results in days, and those first results are the best motivation there is!

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What’s inside the eBook?

Basics of good health
A look at the basics: air, water & sleep your body needs and how to “make time”
Easy-to-make recipes
Delicious salads, juices and pates that will leave a smile on your face
Meal plan
A practical 10-day meal plan, plus some guidelines to keep you in shape afterwards
An active lifestyle is a healthy lifestyle, but we all know sometimes it's hard to take those first steps. Discover a light training programme put together by an accredited trainer!

Thoughts from our first readers

Andreea Almasan
Nutrition Expert

I’m always looking for perfection in nutrition, and for balance between health of the mind, body and soul. This programme offers a clear, correct and complete image of a healthy lifestyle. I found essential information for those wishing to start on the right path in life, from food to fitness to everyday principles of healthy living.

Mara Pomana
Executive Manager & Fitness Model

I was very excited to try out the 10-day detox! I had reached a plateau and wanted to break my patterns. I trusted Denisse and wanted to follow it 100%. I did just that, with visible results, but the results I love best are those you can’t see: inner energy, mental clarity, no bloating, better skin and an overall light feel.

Gheorghe Cornel Tosa
​Master in Physical Therapy in Locomotor System Disorders

Very useful! I started saying “you can do it for 10 days”, and I’m still following the advice in the last chapter one month later!

Iulian Iancu
Iulian Iancu, martial arts enthusiast

As a muay thai fighter, weight cuts are part of the routine before a match. Most techniques are damaging your body. That is when I found out about Denisse’s 10-Day Bloom, yeah, I know it sounds all flower power, but I lost the kilos that I needed for my next fight and it gave me so much more energy, not to mention that it didn’t do my body any harm. It’s a cleansing proceess. Why not give it a try?

Benefits of my 10-day bloom


Recharge your body

Feeling tired and drained of energy? The smart choice is to listen to your body and make a change. Try it for 10 days and see the impact!


Focus on the basics

From the benefits of pure water to illustrations on correct, deep breathing and how to “make time” for health in your life


Delicious & healthy

Tasty combinations of the fruits & veggies that should be the base of a balanced diet, including a practical 10 day planner


Expert mode​

Ready for more? You don’t only get recipes, but learn about the principles that can help you make smart food choices

Register now to get the updated version, including a full workout programme for 10 days, created by a certified trainer.

  • ​Easy to do at home
  • Created to get your body moving and amplify your energy, not exhaust you
  • Includes a full fitness glossary with definitions of terms & activities